Suzuki Swift - Vehicle Car Signage - Brisbane - Ipswich

Client: Citiscan Radiology

Project: Suzuki Swift

Towards the beginning of this year, CitiScan Radiology employed us to install signage to their Radiology clinic in Brisbane CBD.

While installing their graphics to their windows, I said to my colleague, "This design would look awesome on a little run around car! Something like a Hyundai i30 or similar." My colleague promptly agreed, and then, as we do, we both completely forgot about it. Now I'm not saying that we wished this into existence, but a few months later we were asked to undertake the task of Sign Writing a Suzuki Swift for them.


This is what is called a semi-wrap in signage lingo. This involves moulding  7 Year Cast Dark Grey Vinyl to all the lower panels of the car by pulling and stretching the vinyl in place and then resetting the materials molecules using a heat gun. All the other 7 Year Cast Colours were then placed on top and around to create this master piece. On the back window we used a material called 'One Way Vision' which allows the driver to see out but hinders passers-by from being able to see in clearly.


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