VW Caddy Maxi Van - Supreme Caffeine

Towards the end of last year we were asked to undertake the project of sign writing this van for Supreme Caffeine.

After a relaxing break over the holiday period, we quickly got to work. With input from the owners we came up with this eye catching, uncluttered design. Some vehicles I see driving around, have too much information on them. This makes them hard to read and the most important information like name, website and phone number, quite often get lost. By keeping the design simple and uncluttered the overall impact is greatly improved.

The text you see on the van, including the black stripe, was installed using a 7 year UV resistant cast vinyl. The 'Heart Coffee' was printed on a cast digital media and laminated with a UV protective laminate. The back window graphic is a 'One Way Vision' digital print with an optically clear UV laminate and as the name suggests, you can see out, but visibility is limited lookin in.


Supreme Caffeine brings award winning Octane coffee to you where ever you are in South Brisbane. Supreme Caffeine mobile coffee van comes to you at work as well as markets, sporting events, or functions. 

For Bookings, visit  supremecaffeine.com.au.


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